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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by nVJoe
We aren't complaining that warriors suck. Quite th contrary. Warriors are the most balance class in the game. They are pretty much perfect. The problem is Pallies, Druid, Mages and Hunters are over powered.
I remember when Warriors finally got fixed, all the rage issues were fixed, fury tree made viable and you didn't miss nearly every swing. Instant cry of nerf from the cloth classes. They are too stupid to read what a warrior is, dependent on gear, a warrior with crap gear is no danger, a warrior with the right kit is lethal. Back when they fixed fury talents I respecced and with the epics I had I was anhilating the casters in seconds since they had no idea what they were capable of then. Instead of develop new tactics against a new kind of warrior they just went crying to blizzard.
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