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Default Re: Post your Bioshock benchmarks here:

Originally Posted by Spoudazo
Happy with performance.

I'd just like to throw this in the face of all the noobs who said Rainbow Six: Vegas was how Bioshock and UT3 were going to run.

8800gtx OCd via Rivatuner
Vista 64-bit
163.44 (Beta drivers released today)
Core 2 Duo@3ghz
All setting max (Vsync off)
16xAF, High Quality everything in the Nvidia driver, etc.

1680x1050 Average FPS is: 79fps

2048x1536 is 49.4fps average

Thats about what im getting with the occasional jumps into the 100fps range.

Vista 64
8800GTX 640core 2030mem
4gbs DDR2 850mhz ram
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