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Default Re: Paramount to offer tons of HD DVD *exclusive* content - Indy, Shrek, and more!

Originally Posted by evilchris
Yeah, we saw how BD can only outsell HD 2:1 with 10:1 player ratio, millions of dollars of Sony bought endcaps, massive marketing campaigns, and movie studio buyouts with 80% studio dominance at the time. Lose your shortsightedness and see the real picture. BD's 2:1 statistic is pathetic given the push. I see you are panic trolling very hard, and making your double standards very well known. Accusing Paramount of selling out? LOL! How do you think BD has so many "exclusive" studios. DUUUhhh. Keep eating the turd sandwhich Sony forced down your throat. BD attach rate is absolutely pathetic. Paramount recognizes this and others will follow.

HD DVD had 33% of the market with very little marketing, no retailer endcap purchases, no retailer buyouts, no rental store buyouts, low player density, one major exclusive studio, and no game machine with it by default. Guess what's gonna happen now? Go on little guy, continue panic trolling.

BTW: if BD had extra content would it be a bad thing? It's too bad the technology is in pre-alpha stages and can't even match a lowly 30GB HD DVD in presentation, lol.

You BD dorks are going to be eating so much crow in 2 - 3 years, I'm gonna shove it down your throats, count on it!
Hey nice to see they let you stick your nose out of the corner and are able to post now!

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