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Originally posted by gordon151
Here's ur stinkin links u worm.,00.asp,00.asp

Edit: How did 3 posts appear in the like minute it took me to write this!!
LMAO! Are you trying to be one of those dolts by posting a link without actually explaining what it means? I've read all four of them. The first two links prove nothing, ET basically says that it appears NVIDIA is cheating but the evidence doesn't seem to clearly support that. ET also claims that ATI also wrote cheats for 3DM03. So in that case ATI AND NVIDIA are at fault.

Beyond3D is no different, they basically say something funny is going on but they can't put their finger on it (or maybe I missed something else they said in that very long thread?).

And of course FM has already recanted what they said earlier with their press release today, so I don't even know why you bother with that 4th link.

And why am I a "worm" for wanting to know how NVIDIA allegedly cheated?
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