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Originally posted by Zane Krate
LOL, not you in particular, just anyone who says NVIDIA cheated without taking at least a couple sentences to say exactly how.

For example, from what I've read so far, Zenikase's explaination looks the most possible, but just not 100% proven yet AFAICT.

I read that, but since they recanted it how can I take it seriously?
eh don't take it personal

most of us have discussed this as best as we can already... not really the energy to seek out all the links

I'll just post a few pics from b3d...

just as an example of optimzations...

first picture is what happens when the camera goes off the rail... it is NOT supposed to happen and is a clear indication of something detecting the application and changing things around... (-edit- clipping panes)

second one is a basic showing of hackery in the shader tests...

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