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Default Re: Fox Announces and Dates 29 Blu-ray Titles

Originally Posted by evilchris
If you geniuses were actual BD fans you'd know that Fox has been VERY bad about keeping their promises with regards to their releases and is the well established WORST "BD exclusive" studio when it comes to actually releasing movies. Keep panic trolling though, I'm loving it.

Oh, and you bashing Paramount for selling out, then praising Fox....who sold out.....comedy gold.

If Universal came out and said "Hi, we're going to BD exclusively" I would say that flat out SUCKS, not try and downplay it, the way you... a fanboy... are doing.

Admit it, it's NOT good for BD.
Well seeing as how Blu-Ray is currently carrying a strong momentum in the format war with many major retailers favoring Blu-Ray, recent price drops on Blu-Ray players cutting the line between price differences with HDDVD and outselling 2-1 against HDDVD, it feels more like anything as a sellout for Paramont/Dreamworks to go exclusive with HDDVD at the moment, if this were done six months then then the circumstances would be different

BTW, confirmed it was a payout to hold Paramont exclusive to HDDVD

The NY Times has confirmed via two Viacom executives, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, that Paramount has received a $150M pay-off to support HD DVD exclusively for a period of 18 months. The $150M is comprised of cash and future marketing deals. Also re-confirmed is that the deal includes no films directed by Steven Spielberg.

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