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Default Re: Universal Pictures President believes HDDVD would fail without Universal Partnership

The BDA has already sunk MASSIVE amounts of money into this. The PS3 is supposedly causing $1B-1.5B gaming losses per annum, the delayed start of the PS3 caused huge opportunity losses, the subsidization of the BD50, a year's worth of endless promotion, endcaps, advertising, and whatever incentives were paid to Disney, Fox, Blockbuster, etc. The bottom line is probably well over $3B and may well be over $4B. HD DVD has been hit by subsidized players at the launch, their reported advertising budget of around $150MM (IIRC), and now this Paramount deal. Total cost to them to date is probably less than $500MM, a mere fraction of the hole the BDA has dug for themselves.

HD DVD is easily in the financial position to exert considerable influence if they choose to.
Rumor has it Warner may switch to HD DVD exclusive. So much for BD's "massive studio support!"

Still amazed that with all this "studio support", FITDTH AGiGBAYtes!!!!, PS3, billions of dollars, paid off retailers, paid off video rental companies, BD can only manage 2:1. Wait till you see how many HD DVD players Transformers sells.
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