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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Actually warriors are dominating PvP at the moment, most notably Arenas. Granted a pocket healer is required, but the combo of a holy pally/arms warrior is deadly as all hell (toss a lock in for extreme OP'dness )
You are full of crap. It is the pally that is teh win. The warrior and the lock are there withe the privilege of watching the pally in all his awesomeness.

Here is a snap shot of how the match goes.

Pally runs in and proclaims victory.
The other side with out a pally says "ZOMG A PALLY"
The warrior and lock on the pally's team say "W00t! WE ARE TEH WINZ"
Other side falls down dead.
Pally dances on their bodies and gloats at all of his skill.
The warrior and lock on the pally's team say "W00t! WE ARE TEH WINZ"

Later that day the pally is seen in Shatt City standing in the corner trying to level up his throwing abilities, all the while you can hear him screaming "CURSES YOU BLIZZARD! WHY ARE PALLIES SO BROKE! LINKEN'S BOOMERANG ISN"T CUTTING IT!"
The pally runs to the forums and complains about pallies being broken.
Blizzard response with even more I win buttons for 14 year olds to mash.

Mean while the The warrior and lock on the pally's team are still saying "W00t! WE ARE TEH WINZ"
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