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Default Re: Official BioShock Full Version Feedback Thread

Been playing a half hour or so and this is my initial impression.

No FSAA or Aniso settings in the game menu. Sure don't know why a new game like this would not have them.

Regarding FSAA. I have XP and the latest 163.44 Beta drivers installed. Have to force FSAA in driver control panel as there are no in game settings. I don't see that it is working. It's not really apparent that much in this game because of the darkish atmosphere but I can see the broken edges of things. Again, a new game with no FSAA (or at least it doesn't seem to be working right now)? Don't get it. I had played briefly at the start without adjusting any FSAA settings in control panel. I then did it and don't really see any difference.

There is no walk function. Always running with the only option of slowing down is to crouch. Myself, I rather like to have options of controlling the speed of how fast I move. Sometimes I just want to take my time. Same comment as to a new game not having this.

Sound is really good. Nice 5.1 sound with no issues so far (can set the various speaker options in game). I have EAX on.

Nice game atmosphere. I like it so far. Game runs very smooth which is always a good thing.

Well I'm off to play some more to see what other comments I come up with on this game.

One other thing. If you want to go straight to the game menu each time you start the game instead of having to wait for all those logos to cycle through, change the extension on "2kg_logo_720P.bik", and "LogoVid.bik" in the BinkMovies folder. I just add an extra "k" to the end of ".bik". I always try to figure out how to do this in games. I can handle the advertisements once but after that, I don't like to be forced to wade through them each time I want to play. Just take me to the dam game!
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