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Originally Posted by rflair
My first BBS experience was on my old Atari 800XL with a 300/110 baud modem, was a blast, BBS's were so intimate and geeky loved them.

Evilghost I know your setting one up but do they still exist, guess so, I could see some really rogue and bad things BBS's could be used for, hackers, crackers and some real bad sh*t, never thought of BBS's in a long time, the memories x-modem, z-modem transfer protocols .

Great stuff have a blast.
I remember when YModem-G (Batch) came out, then Z-Modem. OMG, Z-Modem was awesome. I remember writing PPE's for PCBoard back in the day. I remember Wildcat V, Renegade, PCBoard, and others. Man, that was the day.

I downloaded Doom shareware v666 over X-Modem on a 2400 BPS modem.

I was on a telnet enabled BBS the other day playing LORD. Actually beat it again, love it.
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