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Default Distro and Nforce 2 Help


After many years of using Windows for business, I am now thinking of learning Linux for a more secure OS.

I have read the forum and the general feeling I get is that Linux is rediculously hard to master. I would like to start of with one of the easier distros but have the following questions:

1. Which is better for Nforce1 and 2 mobos: Suse 8.2, Red Hat 9, or Mandrake 9.1 (retail or download is there a difference?)

2. I heard there's a problem with Mandrake 9.1 and Nforce2 onboard Lan. Do the other distros have the same problem? Network access is essential and I will also need to network to one Win XP machine.

3. I am a newbie and I will need rpms for nforce1 and 2 chipset drivers. Nvidia don't list drivers for ANY of the distros I am interested in (older versions only). Does the Mandrake 9 driver work with 9.1, suse 8.1 work with 8.2 etc etc?

4. Will my DVD writer (Panasonic DVD-r) be supported under any Linux distro? It's a -r and Ram type that is used for daily backups.

I am very keen to learn Linux and enjoy the advantages over win xp. Is it a good time for a newbie or should i wait. Is there another distro that might suit me better?

So many questions and so much help needed. All from a blonde (but not just dumb one - just wary of the change to Linux)

All help will be most appreciated


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