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Default Re: Should my temps be cooler?

LOL, your temps are extremely good for air cooling. 1.5v is a lot of vcore and I'm surprised your temps were that low with that vcore and MHZ.

If it makes you feel better, 4 instances of prime95 small FFT's sends my temps from 55c idle to 80c in a matter of seconds. Tjunction for this chip is 100c and I've had all 4 cores above 80c and it didn't throttle (not sure where the throttle starts with this chip), and the only reason I can't run my cpu even faster 24/7 is my mobo PWM gets too hot and causes a shutdown.

Sure, these B3 cpu's get hot, but that doesn't seem to limit their OC potential at all from what I can tell, and I'm not worried about not having the lowest temps, especially since nothing I normally do pushes it like 4 instances of p95 small FFT's anyway.
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