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Originally posted by Zane Krate
I read that, but since they recanted it how can I take it seriously?
No, they haven't:

From Beyond3D...

"First I must admit that there is very little I can comment about the joint statement between Futuremark and Nvidia due to legal aspects. What I can do is answer some frequently asked questions about this and quote some parts of the statement.

Please read the statement well and do not post hasty conclusion after reading only the first two paragraphs of the statement.

Q: Does this mean what you called originally as "cheats" actually were acceptable "optimizations", and that you made a wrong decicion in releasing Patch 330 and the Audit Report?
A: By the definition of our benchmark and process, the optimizations are not acceptable. 3DMark scores are only comparable if drivers perform exactly the work 3DMark instructs them to do.

The statement also says: Quote:
Because all modifications that change the workload in 3DMark03 are forbidden, we were obliged to update the product to eliminate the effect of optimizations identified in different drivers so that 3DMark03 continued to produce comparable results.

As earlier stated, we recommend using the latest build 330 of 3DMark03, with the 44.03 (or 43.51 WHQL) Nvidia drivers, or the Catalyst 3.4 ATI drivers. This way obtained 3DMark03 results are genuinely comparable as far as we know.

Q: What is the reasoning behind this statement?
A: Both companies want to end the public dispute that has been going on since we launched 3DMark03 in mid-February this year.

Q: Did NVIDIA pay you any money to make this statement?
A: No, they did not. Our companies had a mutual desire to end this dispute, and we are very pleased that we reached this agreement.

Q: Does this mean that in the future you will not make patches for 3DMark03 (or 3DMark2001) in order to reveal cheating?
A: We might release further patches to 3DMark03, if a need for preventing driver optimizations appear in the future.
Patric Ojala - 3DMark Producer"
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