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Default Re: What flavor are you using?

Originally Posted by curaga
compiled -- with "-O3 -march=pentium3 -fomit-frame-pointer"

The difference was not just in some apps, it was in all. Login was faster. Bash ran faster.
Well, I decided to run a couple of tests myself. From what I learned, optimising for athlon-xp (or i686) instead of i386 will get you around 15% performance boost with processing multimedia content, but for amd64 it's not worth it.

Full results.

Originally Posted by curaga
edit: hei, en huomannukkaan et säkin olet suomesta
Joo, täällä forumilla on sattunut kohdalle pari muutakin suomalaista tyyppiä. Aika hiljaista kaiken kaikkiaan.
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