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Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC
I upgraded my kernel -- After I did this, I rebooted my box and when it came back on, -- nVidia driver -- complained about me not having the header. -- I apt-get the right package, then I run the nVidia script -- I'm back in biniss!
I'm not entirely sure what you mean with "not having the header". To me it sounds like something's trying to automagically compile the nVidia module. But that's not my point.

Anyway, since I'm really trying to do things The Debian Way(tm), I try not to install anything systemwide outside the package management (that would be dpkg). Because of this I don't install nVidia's drivers with provided script, but build everything as packages. I used to do this manually until I finally decided to give "module-assistant" a try. module-assistant will get you the sources, compile, and install nVidia's proprietary drivers, all free of charge!

I have not tried module-assistant on stable or testing, but the chances are that it'll work just fine. I guess you'll need to add deb-src -line to your sources.list (nvidia-kernel-source can be found at non-free), and probably install linux-headers for your kernel (I prefer using metapackage linux-headers-2.6-amd64 and the one for the kernel itself), but module-assistant should take care of the rest.
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