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Default Visual Glitches/Flashes

After loading the drivers on 3 machines, 2 of them get "flashes" that show up covering either the whole upper half of the screen or the whole lower half. Kinda like V-Sync tearing only not quite. It always involves half the screen, not solid white just a lot of white garbage. If you load 29.80s, everything is fine. Battlefield 1942 shows the problem about every 60 seconds or so. Machine 2 has a refresh rate locker, #1 does not. Machine 1 shows 800 point increase in 3DMark2k1. Anyone else experience this?

Machine 1:
AMD 1800+
Win XP
Epox 8k3a+

Machine 2:
AMD 1700+
Win XP
Epox 8khal+
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