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Default Re: How did NVIDIA cheat...exactly?

Originally posted by Zane Krate
Where is the proof? How about referencing a link and pointing out the exact paragraph or sentence that proves beyond any doubt that NVIDIA cheated.
If you can't understand from the audit report generated by FutureMark that Nvidia was taking shortcuts in their drivers for the benchmark, and that is cheating, well then I doubt anything can change your opinion.

Of course FutureMark wouldn't, and as far as I know, never did explicitly state that Nvidia was cheating since I suspect that would have gotten them into legal troubles.

Originally posted by Zane Krate
And why is it that people are automatically assuming NVIDIA's press release today clearly shows that they either bought out Futuremark or they threatened them with a lawsuit? Where's the proof? [/b]
Well, just where is Nvidia's press release I don't see anything in the Nvidia Press Room about this. Rather strange, considering that they have something dated June 3rd, 2003 up there. Maybe it'll be up tomorrow.

Again, if someone did provide "proof" I suspect that they would be violating the settlement agreement and that would be a "bad thing". Usually you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as part of the settlement. So FutureMark can't really say a whole lot about the incident so you will never get your "proof".
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