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Default Re: Paramount CTO explains their decision

Originally Posted by Mr_LoL
Sorry for me being a cynic but if it was all about the better standards of HD DVD, why did they need 150 million dollars to pledge their alliance to that format? Money does the talking at the end of the day.
That isn't the question you need to ask yourself, the question you need to ask is: Why did Paramount take the 150mil from Toshiba/MS and refuse to take the 150mil from Sony?

I'll completely agree that this is all about money, but you must realize that the HD-DVD camp is not alone in buying support. Sony has been buying the support of major studios from the start, and this is all simply to support the PS3. Why the PS3? Why would anyone buy a stand alone player when you can get a PS3 that does the same thing and plays games for a few dollars more?
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