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Default Re: Post your Bioshock benchmarks here:

Originally Posted by jeffmd
Who what when? since when does lcd have a vsynch? While there is a "refresh", its not a global one nore is it one a game can synch with. vsynch does nothing for LCD screens, if its doing something, something on your system is borked.

Havnt heard from many peeps who have tried mid end systems yet. I have a 2800xp with EVGAs overclocked 7800GS card in it, kinda curious how far it can be taken.
Don't be silly, 98% of LCDs are at 60hz, and therefore, if the FPS go above 60fps, then the image starts to "tear" because part of the screen is the last frame, and part of the screen is part of the new frame that was just rendered.

In Bioshock, this can clearly be observed at the beginning of the demo where you're going up in the "sphere" and that "thing" attacks the sphere, causing the sphere to light up with blue lights. If Vsync is off, and the FPS are above 60 or below, then the whole screen starts to flicker, one part being blue the other being the regular color.
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