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Default Re: Wireless Security Questions (My Home Network)

Thanks EG...

To respond to a few of your points,

1. My router doesn't have "transmit power" control. It is an old Belkin 802.11b router (F5D6230-3), and I see no where in the control panel for it any adjustment of that kind. My laptop (and other wireless devices, I assume) have "transmit power" settings in its driver control panel, is this what you're referring to?

3. This same old router doesn't have a setting to broadcast/not broadcast the SSID. I can change it, but not choose to not broadcast it. (Oh, and "honeypot"? I don't get it...)

4. I do run basic software firewalls on all my PCs, in addition to the router.

6. Router password is fairly obscure. It's not like "b2360fd0c61e" or anything that random, but it's a 10 digit alpha-numeric password, so I hope it's good enough.

7. Using ZoneAlarm free firewall, can you suggest how I can do this? I honestly don't know what GARP is.

8. I can restrict LAN Clients to certain hours, etc, in the router, but I can't limit the max associations in the router control panel.

9. I don't do this enough.

I'm having major issues just trying to enable WEP. More on that to come. Gotta go put the kids to bed...

Thanks for the help, guys.
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