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Default Re: Wireless Security Questions (My Home Network)

Originally Posted by 911medic
Thanks EG...

To respond to a few of your points,

1. My router doesn't have "transmit power" control. It is an old Belkin 802.11b router (F5D6230-3), and I see no where in the control panel for it any adjustment of that kind. My laptop (and other wireless devices, I assume) have "transmit power" settings in its driver control panel, is this what you're referring to?

3. This same old router doesn't have a setting to broadcast/not broadcast the SSID. I can change it, but not choose to not broadcast it. (Oh, and "honeypot"? I don't get it...)

4. I do run basic software firewalls on all my PCs, in addition to the router.

6. Router password is fairly obscure. It's not like "b2360fd0c61e" or anything that random, but it's a 10 digit alpha-numeric password, so I hope it's good enough.

7. Using ZoneAlarm free firewall, can you suggest how I can do this? I honestly don't know what GARP is.

8. I can restrict LAN Clients to certain hours, etc, in the router, but I can't limit the max associations in the router control panel.

9. I don't do this enough.

I'm having major issues just trying to enable WEP. More on that to come. Gotta go put the kids to bed...

Thanks for the help, guys.
If it's a belkin I would worry about #1 or IMO restricting the number of wireless clients. The range on those aren't that great and they will abosuletly tank with only a few connections on them. I'm not usually one to rag on hardware but we used to have a few belkin routers, and everyone of them were horrible. They are limited in features, part of that though is because it is older, part is they just don't have them. We were having all sorts of problems once you put them under a little load. I'd be tempted to suggest upgrading it depending upon your pc. If you can use Wireless G and WPA it might be worth the upgrade as it will work a lot better and also give you some more security features. (Disable SSID broadcast, WPA, as well as Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and better filtering / port forwarding.)

Enough ragging though. I'm trying to figure out where you would enable it, but from looking at their quick reference manual they don't even show anything about the wireless on it. If you could print screen the page the wireless is on, or if you can't find it the login page so we can get an idea how to set it up that would be great.
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