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Default Re: I Want To Be Evil, TOO!

Originally Posted by MikeC
Do you want a username change or a personality change?
Honestly, I could probably use either one.

I'll refrain from the sex change, though, Magus. Good "zinger" there.

I probably should request for you to change my user name. When I registered in 2004, I didn't think that posting my real last name on a forum was a big deal. After three years of posting functionally-retarded quality messages, I realize that one day a future boss of mine is going to stumble over one of my posts about Crainger and Fapping and that's going to be all she wrote.

So yes, I'm requesting a user name change. "EvilQ" would be fine, and it would be quite trendy too. But I'd take any name you'd give me. In all honesty, I probably should have thought this out a bit better before creating a thread. (Obviously why I should not be posting my real name).

Why don't some of you guys start tossing out some new user names for me! What would be a good fit for me? Anyone?

(I guess I'm holding off on the name change until I come with a really good name, Mike).
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