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Default Re: Wireless Security Questions (My Home Network)

I'm about at that point of replacing it. My and my wife's laptops both do b/g, but the kids' PC has an adapter that's b-only, so I'd have to replace that as well--not too big of a deal.

Too bad, since it's really worked well for us for 5+ years. Transmits well througout our house and immediate yard area; has no problems handling one hardwired and 3 wireless PCs all connecting thru it simultaneously.

If you want to see the manual for it, you can d/l the pdf here. The relevant page is #48. Here are some screen shots of the Router control panel...

^^This one shows 128-bit WEP where the router "automatically" generates a key based on a "passphrase" you enter. However, after doing this and hitting "enter," it doesn't display any key that is generated.

^^Here's the same page, except I have enabled 128-bit manual. As you can see, it populates all the hex digit pairs fields automatically with dots, so you can't see what it is. I have tried to enter my own key here, and then enter the same one into my laptop's settings, but it won't connect. As soon as you hit "enter" on this page, WEP is enabled, and my laptop disconnects from the network.

So, then I went into my laptop. I had been using Windows Wireless Zero Configuration service to connect, as the Intel ProSet software is really bloated. Here's what that control panel looks like:

As you can see, you can't put in a "passphrase" using this software, only the network key. I tried entering in the key I used in the router control luck. No connection. I tried both with the decimal places and without...nothing.

Looking a little deeper, I found that the Intel ProSet software does allow passphrase usage, so I downloaded and re-installed it. Here's what that panel looks like:

Here it says the passphrase HAS to be 13 characters. The Belkin cp doesn't say anything about that, and takes any number of characters. Either way, using a passphrase that I input into the router doesn't work. So, I tried the entire manual key. No go. Nothing I do gets my wireless devices to connect to the router once WEP is enabled. This is what happened last time I tried to enable WEP, and is also why I gave up last time, too.
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