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Default Re: Post your Bioshock benchmarks here:

Originally Posted by jeffmd
I have never seen my lcd tear. Also LCD does not have a refresh. There is still delays for pixels to change colors, but the display is not refresh bound like CRT is. 60hz is listed for compatibility reasons (I would bet games and programs alike would break if refresh was reported back at 0hz).

Edit: Actually a little bit more info. The 60hz isn't just for compatibility, if you are using a VGA connection instead of DVI-D, the signal is analog and thus output at 60hz.

How ever refresh is strictly tied to updating the entire screen, a frame if you will. LCD's do not refresh the screen, pixels are in an "always on" state. They do require time to change colors, but that time is not determined by a specific number. The time needed is determined by what ever color the pixel needs to change to and is not reported to the computer in any way.
You saved yourself with that edit. A game played without vsync will tear regardless of what monitor it is hooked up to. There is this little thing called a framebuffer. Read up on it here.

Edit: On a related note, does anyone know if BioShock uses double or tripple buffering? If it's double by default that would explain the huge drop in frames when it's enabled. I'd like to find out.
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