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Default Re: Rumor, strong one, about WB going HD DVD exclusive and possible Disney neutral

Originally Posted by Lyme
Microsoft has more money in cash than Sony does, no clue about Toshiba.
I can't find the post over at AVS now (and it's really bothering me) but they had stats comparing MS and Sony and if MS wanted to end this war now, they could with barely breaking a sweat.

I believe this data said MS has an annual profit of about $14 billion and has $34 billion cash on hand whereas Sony's annual profit was about $0.5 billion and they have maybe $4 billion cash on hand.

I could be wrong on the Sony numbers, but they were drops in the bucket compared to MS.

EDIT: memory is probably wrong and whoever posted that info at AVS was also off a bit. Thanks for those links, Chris.
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