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Default HD DVD owners: have you had playback issues with combos on your stand-alone player?

I most certainly have. My HD-A2 is at v2.2 firmware (I didn't bother with 2.3 since it was mostly fixes for online stuff and there's some big patch comes in September, so I'm just going to wait) and 300 froze up around 44 minutes.

Before that, I was running 1.6 and The Hitcher and Smokin' Aces froze up...The Hitcher happened just moments before the film ended. Upgrading to 2.0 (at the time the highest firmware) fixed my problem with The Hitcher, but I didn't bother trying Smokin' Aces again since the movie was just terrible.

Those and other combos have all worked flawlessly in my 360 addon. It's just the A2 that has problems...anyone else here experiencing this?
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