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Unhappy Samsung X10 laptop NVidia drivers don't work

The previous thread concerning the Samsung X10 laptop has gone cold
( )
but I'm still desperate to get the NVidia drivers going. Can anyone help?

Here is a summary:

- Samsung X10 has several different versions which include either
Geforce4 420GO 32M or Geforce4 440GO 64M, but whichever the version I
and several others seem to have exactly the same problem: NVidia
driver (version 4363) installs with no problem, X starts up but with patterns of
horizontal lines rather than a normal display.

- When an external monitor is connected and used instead of the
internal panel, the NVidia drivers work fine: very nice accelerated

- XFree (nv driver) works fine on the internal panel at 1024x768
(working nv XF86Config attached). Use exactly the same config file
(with nv changed to nvidia, dri commented out) with NVidia driver and
get horizontal lines.

- Something strange with the laptop under Linux in general is that
when X is exited (either NVidia or XFree) the console does not display
properly: I fixed this following a tip found at:

So it seems that the problem is with syncing with the internal panel
and the way in which the NVidia driver detects/sets it up. I have
tried various different things in XF86Config: different resolutions,
IgnoreEDID (it seems that the panel's EDID returns strange values),
FlatPanelProperties, etc.

I am running RedHat9 but others with the same problems seem to be
using other distributions.

Would be very grateful for help.
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