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Question Problem With RivaTuner 2.02 and Forceware 163.44 Beta....

Guys, I'm having a problem getting RivaTuner 2.02 to work with the new Forceware 163.44 beta drivers. I'm running Vista x64 and I actually just reformatted and reinstalled last week because MS's last security update borked my whole system, but I digress.

So, I installed the new 163.44 drivers for the Bioshock demo a couple of days ago and I just now installed RivaTuner 2.02 again. When I try to bring RivaTuner up, I get this message: "Warning! Cannot load RivaTuner64.sys driver. Please ensure that this file exists in Riva Tuner's folder and your user account has administrative rights." Then I click OK and this message pops up. "Driver signing enforcement must be disabled in order to start RivaTuner under Vista x64. Do you want to disable driver signing enforcement now and reboot the system to apply the changes?" I say yes and it reboots and I try to bring up RivaTuner again and it starts all over again with these same two warning messages.

I've even tried disabling driver signing via a command prompt manually and that doesn't do anything. I do have admin rights and the RivaTuner64.sys is in the RivaTuner directory, so what gives? Is it possible that RivaTuner doesn't support the 163.44 driver? If so, what do I see people talking about O/Cing their computer using this driver and RT? Maybe they're using Vista x32 or something?

If anyone can answer my question, I'd be grateful! I just want to O/C my G80! I was able to do it before easily and I remember having to disable Driver Signing Enforcement, but after the computer rebooted, it worked. I'm open to suggestions....thanks in advance!
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