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Originally posted by evilangel
I also think Nvidia should not use 3DMark. We know HardOCP doesn't like it, if more sites just stopped using it, FutureMark goes down the toilet.

The people who make up the majority of video card sales don't care about Pixel Shader 2.0 performance or 3DMark.
It's nice that you feel that way. What about those that disagree with you? Too bad, under your scenario they don't get to choose for themselves.

Is it cool to you that Nvidia goes around determining which benchmarks are used, and if one is out there they don't like, they simply discredit it by engineering cheats and hoisting thier scores on the public as valid, right up until they are finally caught, and then they make enough legal threats and hoopla that the company that made the test is discredited? As in, "if you don't like the way we do things, we'll run you out of business with lies and BS?"

That's cool that you need nvidia around to make decisions about which benchmarks should exist and which shouldn't. I don't.
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