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Originally posted by Uttar
nVidia's profits? Going up faster than ATI's?

Are you guys on drugs or something? Sorry if this seemed offensive, but still...

nVidia's profits are SIGNIFICANTLY down in the past year ( of course, they're getting back on track in the fourth & first quarter, but they're still significantly down from one year ago in that same quarter )

I didn't look much at ATI reports, but from my understanding, they're barely making any profit, and it's been a while since they made any signifiant one too.
So, really, saying that nVidia's profits are up more than ATI's is completely wrong.

A good explantion of why Nvidia has been door poorly, and just about every other company is, eveorn is doing bad.

My friend is a FedEx employee and they had a 'bad annoucment' to him, for the first time since FedEx started, they did not break the previous years profit record, they opend in the 1970's.

McDonolds, experinced the same thing, they never droped in sales/profits, but they did.

So you take 2 companys that are allways 'sure bets' to be at least stable or go up, and they go down, that means everons gonna be hurting.
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