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Default Re: What OC can I expect with my new q6600 G0 + setup?

Okay thanks for the feedback. If I can reach close to 3.6/3.8GHz and it's only heat holding me back I can always play around with case fans to improve cooling a bit.

Also this is my very first Intel CPU so not used to their physical design and i'm a bit concerned about something... My Q6600 seems to have small marks on it (the metal) hear and here. Tiny things that don't seem to be deep...

Is it normal for Intel CPU's (or C2Ds) to have slightly imperfect heatsinks? Like little marks and lighter parts on em? I am just used to AMD ones that never seemed to have a spec on them. I need to know if this is actually a problem as soon as possible though so let me know. Thanks.
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