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Default Re: Want to use my tv as a cloned monitor. 1920 x 1080 res? How?

Originally Posted by Joeyvee
Ive got a dell inspiron 5150 still going strong.. I just bought an lcd tv (37 inches ) with 1920 x 1080 resolution. How do i set the video card to display through the dvi cable to the tv at 1920x1080 and on my laptop at 1024x768? Thanks guys. Im obviously not that great with computers so if you do explain step by step SLOWLY works best. hahaha. Thanks again

if you have a DVI port on your laptop you connect it up to to the TV set with the laptop switched off. Turn on your TV and then the laptop. Once Windows has booted up go to the nVidia control panel and set the multi display (nview) mode to dual view as this mode will allow two independent resolutions on each display. However each display will be an indepenent screen and not a clone of each other. In this mode each display can be configured to be above or to the side of the other. That is to say when the mouse moves off of one screen it will appear on the other.

Once Dual View mode is selected there will be a graphic representation of each display in the Windows Display Settings applet. You should be able to identify which one's display 1 and which one's display 2. Then simply click on the graphic for the relevant display. The resolution slider on this applet will control the display you've clicked on. (You may have to click on "treat this display as an HDTV" from the nVidia control panel if 1080i or 1080p does not show up as an resolution in the nVidia panel.)
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