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Default have to force loading nvidia.o with insmod, to have X

sevral days I tried to install 4363 nvidia drivers on a based "woody" debian distro

Then it works, but not fully...

Details config:

-Bi athlon 1800
-asus a7m266D
-gf 4600 ti 128
-Iiyama TXA3813MT (LCD) on vga out
-custom kernel 2.4.19


I have to do an "insmod" to obtain Xserver

-XF86Config.log notices:

-(EE) screen(s) found, but none have usable configuration,

if I just do a "startx", before "insmod" nvidia.o, and

-(EE) failed to load GLX,

when I load nvidia.o manually....(with success)

I tried many and many synch and refresh values unsuccessly, and d'ont see what Icould do more...

My XF86Config-4 was correctly edited, with "nvidia" instead "ati", removed load "GLcore" & "dri", and verif load "glx" presence...

SOS, please

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