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Default Re: Rumor, strong one, about WB going HD DVD exclusive and possible Disney neutral

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
Uhhh I dont know how you get the figures from but both these figures are seemed not right. I used to converted the Japan Yen to US Dollars to give me the most up to date accurate figures:

Live rates at 2007.08.24 11:04:16 UTC

Japan Yen
1 JPY = 0.00863295 USD

United States Dollars
1 USD = 115.835 JPY

Toshiba's 2007 net income is 137,429 million yen x 0.00863295 = $1,186,417,685.55, that $1.1bn US dollar for 2007 net income (profit).

Toshiba's 2007 operating income cost is 258,364 million yen x 0.00863295 = $2,230,443,493.80, that $2.2bn US dollar.
Pulled the numbers directly off their website

Also pulled the westinghouse info off their website
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