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Default Can nVidia drivers be installed for multiple kernels simultaneously?

I have several kernels installed on my RH8.0 system which I alternate between under grub.

I would like to install the nVidia drivers as modules under each of my kernels.

However, whenever I install the nVidia driver under one kernel, it automatically erases it under my previous kernels.

I never used to have this problem under the rpm method, since you could always use the "i" option to install multiple versions with each driver being installed in the appropriate modules-2.4.xx directory.

So, is it possible to have nVidia work under multiple kernels without having to always recompile/reinstall the nVidia driver each time.

Whenever I use the new nVidia installer, it s
Fedora Core6/Linux 2.6.x
nVidea driver: 9631
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