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Default Re: Opinions from console afficianado's

Originally Posted by Sazar
Are you able to connect regular wheels, like the Logitech G-25 to the Xbox or the PS3?
PS3 yes, X360 no. Your stuck using the MS one.

Honestly, pick the console that has more games that you would play. If racing is something you like you might wana pick up and X360 since GT5 isn't releasing for awhile. Prologue is this year but its only a partial game (not a demo since it will offer far more).

If your a Halo fan (you mentioned Halo 3) then theres another reason to get the X360. This winter both consoles have alot of good titles releasing, some exclusive some not. I would say go to the game sites and read up about some of the upcoming releases... don't judge by other peoples opinion.

As a gamer I think the X360 has the edge for now but the PS3s future looks brighter. MGS4 is early next year.
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