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Default Re: Opinions from console afficianado's

Originally Posted by Sazar
Are there any modifications or changes to the newer xbox consoles coming out? Besides HDMI? i.e. the Halo version.

I thought it was supposed to come out with a proc manufactured on a smaller process?

Likewise for the PS3, after the 60gb version, limited backward compatability?

And it does look like the Xbox has the larger catalog. The racing sims look pretty neat.
The die shrink of the X360 is suppose to be out by the end of they year but it is unknown if you can tell the difference prior to opening the entire system up. Rumors have it that on the side of the box it would be code worded "falcon" but MS shot that one down so who knows how long till their readily available.

As far as the new "limited" backwards compatible of the PS3... it's really not that limited. Yeah some titles here and there have an issue but every PS2 game I have (80+ titles) works perfect and upscaling looks awsome.

You could always play GT4 on the PS3.
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