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Default Re: Opinions from console afficianado's

I got my 360 for the few games that i cannot get on pc,bought it with Forza 2 and pgr 3 and will buy halo 3 when it comes out.I dont own a wheel and afaik the g-25 doesnt work with the 360 but i hear it will work on Ps3 (not sure though ) To my knowledge there isnt currently a wheel similar to the g-25 available for the 360,havent seen one with a clutchpedal and all seem kinda plastic/cheap.

I do enjoy Forza a lot though,very deep and with hours of gameplay,you can tweak ,tune and upgrade your car at length,save setups and so on. It works extremly well online too.My only gripe with the online racing is that most people think its a demolition derby or something and it doesnt matter if you are first into the first corner,they will use you as a brake and spin you off.Pgr 3 looks better but the cars have no weight to them but its still a fun game and it has what Forza 2 lacks ,a very nice inside car wiew.I might very well buy the ps3 too eventually because GT5 looks very promising.
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