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Default Re: Opinions from console afficianado's

Originally Posted by Sazar
Are you able to connect regular wheels, like the Logitech G-25 to the Xbox or the PS3?

I haven't particularly liked some of the peripherals I have seen on the market and I was under the impression you were able to connect 3'rd party usb products to these consoles.

Forza does sound good
The PS3 works fine with any logitech wheel, and probably works well with others. I don't think any games support the G25 natively, but you can always set it as a DFP and everything works good. There aren't any games I'm aware of that will use the clutch + h-gate though. This will probably change in the future since everything is still new. I can check the demo of DiRT and see if it is listed or not. Nope, I don't even see a wheel setting in DiRT.

I probably use my PS3 for a BD / DVD player more than gaming since the HD movies look great, and there is a noticeable difference in upscaled dvd's. You probably already have a player for that though.

I also like the ability to use the KB and mouse with it. I have a logitech MX5000 bluetooth setup and you can pair both of them directly with the PS3 so you don't need the dongle. This makes it a lot easier to send a message to someone or if you want to surf the net really quick, you can do so.

Halo 3 would be a good reason to pick the 360 over the PS3, but with UT3, COD4, and a few other games right around the corner you might use the PS3 more. I've also heard that Forza is a pretty good game, so that would be a plus for the 360.

My other question is did you have a console before or still do? Otherwise it might make a difference if there are some older games for either one that you'd love to try out.
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