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Default Re: Opinions from console afficianado's

Originally Posted by Imbroglio
i still to this day get a kick out of the ps3 fanboys in this forum, many of which attempt to come off as neutral....

anyway, this is all I have to say, thinking back to last gen of how the xbox had "more power" than the ps2 yet everything was ported to the xbox deeming it utter crap (with the exception of a few games). fast forward to this gen, EA (not that I care for them) refuses to put more resources into a ps3 dev team, so you will have crappy sports titles, you will also get more delayed releases, also you will get game like VF5 that will come out months later with online support on 360. the only thing going for it is bluray (whose time seems like it is dwindling as well losing major studio supporters) and then there's folding. or you could fold on your pc while you're playing 360, because hell they had to come up for something to do on the ps3 until games come out.

let's be honest here, mgs4 (general story) seems pretty close to splinter cell (this time around) both are exclusives. so that leaves GT5 for you, as you seem to be into racing. so I guess what it boils down to is, $500 for gt5 and BR and handicapped games, or ~350 with a larger library and more than 2 future AAA titles, along with a system the games were designed to be run on. seems pretty obvious from my standpoint.

these ps3 lovers around here post so much, because a majority of the 360 users are playing games, ask them how they are enjoying biosh... umm GRAW2???? a little late to that party too eh?
Wait what!? MGS4's story seems close to Splinter Cell? Only two future AAA titles? Right.....
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