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Default Re: Opinions from console afficianado's

Originally Posted by S.I.N
Everyone has a hard drive
K/M support
Browser support
Install support

I actually think the 360 hardware wise should have been the console the PS3 is. A perfect centerpiece for a family or entertainmenmt room but content wise the 360 is more suited for that.
Harddrive - I'll give points for that one, every 360 should come with one.
K/M support - Iffy at best, this is a console that hooks to your tv. I really don't want to hook a mouse up to it.
Browser support - Hmm, my Wii does that too, and so does my PC. I can't rationalize this as a future proofing technology.
Install support - I have a idea what you mean by this, but I'd like to hear what you mean.
HDMI - yes
Wifi - not so much.

The point is, it is very hard to think of the PS3 as a "gaming console". It includes so very much hardware and software (and future addons) but Sony is skimping on the console centric stuff. With Sony going down this line, you need to ask yourself: Is the PS3 a console or as Sony said a computer? If you decide that the PS3 is more of a computer than a console, you need to ask yourself: Would my money be better spent buying a pc or a PS3? If you decide that it is more of a console, you need to ask yourself: Does the PS3 deliver more as a console than the others, or less?
Possibly I am simply too old, but I don't see playing hi-def movies, attaching a keyboard/mouse, browsing the web, etc.. as things a console needs or in some cases should have. To be a console you need to fit into the vision of what a console should be, and yes, the 360 fails in a number of those aspects as well.
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