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Great info.. been waiting for this kind of chart/instructions thanx!

Just want to double check with you..hows this look if i want JUST:

640x480 @120
800x600 @120
1024x768 @100
1280x960 @85
1280X1024 @75
1600x1200 @72

HKR,, NV20_1_Modes_Delta, %REG_MULTI_SZ%, "S 640x480x8,16,32 800x600x8,16,32=40; 1024x768x8,16,32=20; 1280x960x8,16,32=10; 1280x1024x8,16,32=08; 1600x1200x8,16,32=04;"

and whats the 2nd line for... "%REG_SZ_APPEND%" just finishing the 1st other line? leave it alone? get rid?

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