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Originally Posted by Redeemed
Okay... the problem still persists.

If I boot from the LiveCD, the option to press "F4" is there, and it works perfectly. But as soon as I try to boot into my Kubuntu installation the screen goes black. Grub shows up perfectly fine... but if I chose to boot into Kubuntu it sounds like it is loading but the screen goes (and remains) blank and eventually goes into standby. I can boot into the command prompt no problem- only thing is I have no idea what to type in from there. Is there a way to modify my boot options so I can chose a proper resolution to boot with?
I doubt its your rez.

'sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf'

Look for the driver..I think kubuntu uses "nv" by default, change it to "vesa", save and startx. If it's "vesa" by default, just try the other..good luck.

p.s. I had 0 problems after moving to debian.
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