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As nice as that info is, thanks, It's way too much hassle for me as I use MAME and other emulators a lot. And I have alot of custom resolutions that go from 320x240 right upto 1600x1200.

Thanks for the info Ash, but that program still ignores anything I put in it.
This is on a completely fresh, formatted, WinXP Pro that I installed just for the 40.41 drivers. And I new inf file for my monitor.
I am using a desktop of 1600x1200x32 at 75hz, and every resolution from 320x240 upto 1600x1200 uses this 75hz and completely ignores any refresh program.

If I custom edit the modes in the registry or the inf file, I find I lose a heck of a lot of resolutions.
512x384, 640x400, 640x480, 720x576, 1280x960.
These are resolutions I use for emulation, and the last one for games.

So I think I'll stick with WinME for emulation and games, and WinXP for surfing and office.
This is why I think dropping WinME is totally wrong, because it gives me, as a user, a choice if things don't work the way I like.
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