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Default Re: Hell no!

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
I'm WAY too morally outraged and personally honked at nVidia to consider giving them money for anything right now!
Yes you are 100% blown Ati fan and it shows everywhere. Do a search on this guy at rage3d and you'll know what I mean.

Check out some of his famous quotes...

"[h] F&CKING supported nVidia in this one to the HILT there Brent, without your support they wouldn't have been able to keep it so low on the radar for so long.
Do NOT try and tell me that [h] played no part in this, you dance with the devil and you gotta pay the piper."

"Of course you are correct sir; but I still hold [h], anand, and all the other "pop 40" hardware sites accountable for passing on the total BS of nVidia's as fact...and Kyle was the F*CKING leader of the band.
I blame nVidia and I blame Futuremark, but I also hold accountable all the cheeseball side-players in this macabre death spire of an industry."

"It really is sort of pathetic that you gotta come over here to get the attention you crave Kyle, mayhaps you should examine that with your therapist next session?"

Now back to topic...

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