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Default Machine lockup on exit from XWindows

ASUS A7V8X-X Motherboard
AMD XP2200+
Leadtek GeForce3 Ti200

nVidia drivers v4363
XFree86 4.2.1
Debian Woody
kernel 2.4.21-rc3+

The drivers are working absolutely brilliantly in XWindows, everything is nice and fast, however when I go to close XWindows, the system locks up completely. It goes so far that it will not respond to pings anymore, meaning the only way to get it working is to press the reset button.

If I reboot to kernel 2.4.21-rc2, it works perfectly and I can quit out of XWindows and am returned to the console.

I will probably get "2.4.21 hasn't been released, so will probably cause issues", but there is nothing different that I can tell between rc2 and rc3. The reason I am using 2.4.21 release candidates is that my onbaord network card is support in 2.4.21, but not 2.4.20.

In XF86Config-4, GLcore and dri are commented out, and glx is definitely loaded. I cannot get a logfile because an fsck on reboot kills it.

Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated. At the moment, i'm continuing to use kernel 2.4.21-rc2 which isn't really that much of an issue, but it's nice to run the latest
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