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Default Re: Opinions from console afficianado's

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
there are no Final Fantasys
That's what hurts the PS3 the most for me. I would jump if Squenix would hurry up and confirm their backing of the PS3. Wherever they go, I go.

Because where Squenix goes, then all the other J-RPG creators go.. and most of those games are great plays. (take the NES, SNES, PS, and PS2 for examples)

Just a shame all the good games aren't all conveniently gathered together on one system like they were in the 16-bit days. (don't get me wrong I love Sonic, Vectorman, and a couple other Gen games too, but SNES smokes it in terms of library content)

At the current rate things are going though, (Hironobu Sakaguchi)I may just have to jump on the 360 band wagon.
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