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Default Re: Incoming Chinese HD DVD players confirmed

Originally Posted by evilchris
Do people who buy $185 HD players have 1080p TV's? Can you link me a sub $200 1080p playback device on either format?
1080p sets start from $999 now, so yes they should have them.

I'd bet you $10,000 cash you couldn't determine which was which of a 1080i/p playback to a 1080p TV. A 1080p TV displays 1080p PERIOD, regardless of what you feed it. Deinterlacers in current 1080p TV's produce the exact same image and you gain no benefit from sending 1080p versus 1080i from your playback source.
Yes i can, please paypal me the money to

Quit swallowing marketing BS. The only thing at 1080 which makes a slight difference is 24Hz playback due to the elimination of judder caused by inverse telecine.

These players will be marketed entry level and will put HD DVD into the home. Cutting completely uncessary buzzwords and bulletpoints keeps costs down. I'd probably say "pfft" if you listed the display you have but I would also recognize the need for it in the industry.
60" sony sxrd if you need to know... and no i dont have a bluray player or a ps3.
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