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Default Re: Help with some speakers

Yea you should be just fine using them. The red wire would be the positive + side, and the black the negative - side. You can just grab another chunk of wire and twist them together to extend the wires if needed. The best idea would be to open up the speaker and resolder new wires, but that would probably be hard to do, so twisting will suffice.

What I'm seeing is that they are 6 ohm speakers, so it might be a little harder to match up. You can probably run them at 8 ohms, but you'd want to use less wattage. I'm guessing that something like 35W @ 8 ohms would probably work well and not blow the speakers. Basically if you have a 6 channel reciever, you could set it so that they are recognized as small speakers. (hard to say what you've got though) What would you be using them for anyway?
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