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Default Re: Detecting Bad Links

Originally Posted by supra
ohhhhh. . well i spose u could do something like this

$test = get_meta_tags('');
and test if $test is null or not. Null being the website is not working
Thanks for your help. I'm think I'm not being specific enough in my question though. PHP is server side, so that function will originate from the server it's running. There's a link that the server will never be able to reach, but the client can depending on where they are connected to the internet.

What I need is a way to detect non working links on the client side. Essentially, if the client can't connect to a certain webpage, they get directed to another. If they can, then they get sent to it.

To be more specific the scenario is this:

A clients connects to the web server, the web server probably needs to send some type of client side script that upon page load, checks if the client can connect to another website. If they can connect to that other website, they get sent there. If they can't then they stay at the original web server they connected to.

I know how to send them to other URLs with javascript, but I need a way to check if they can connect to certain URLs from where they are connected.
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